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There are a wide range of Metaverse examples that you can try for yourself. From entire open worlds, to unique WebXR experiences that enhance the world around you.

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Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world where virtual plots of land (LAND NFTs) can be bought and sold using cryptocurrency called MANA. Users interact in realtime in this 3D Virtual Reality, and transactions are made through a blockchain-based ledger. In addition to real financial investments and digital assets, Decentraland incorporates gaming and social interactions.


Formerly known as Facebook, Inc., Meta is a shared virtual environment meant to help people connect, find communities, and grow businesses. It is described as a hybrid of today’s online social experiences that will integrate AR and VR. Instead of being limited to 2D and specific social media platforms, users will be able to freely socialize in 3D spaces or augment the physical world.

8th Wall

8th Wall is a powerful platform used to develop Augmented Reality that works on all devices (WebAR). It has been leading the way in Augmented Reality development and chances are, you’ve enjoyed one of their supported AR experiences. 8th Wall partners with verified WebAR experts who bring projects to life. 

The 8th Wall framework is and will continue to be a big part of the metaverse development. It has already been used to create a wide range of XR experiences, including games, portals, connected packaging, and much more. This includes the world’s first cross-platfrom web game that is a big step in creating the metaverse.